Leaders in Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

ProAir Systems is a manufacturer of high quality Heat Recovery Ventilation units (H.R.V.), who also design, supply and install Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems throughout the U.K, Ireland and beyond.

With over 25 years experience in providing cost effective and efficient ventilation systems to buildings in general we were well placed to move into what has now become the thriving sector which is the low energy construction industry today.  As a manufacturer of these small scale air handlers since early in the nineties ProAir would be classed as a pioneer in this residential Heat Recovery Ventilation market.

Our unique combination of customer service and feedback directly to the factory floor enables us to provide the very best for you the end user. It is this ethos of service to the customer which has kept us at the top as Ireland’s leading HRV system provider since the mid-ninties.

Our current products, the ProAir 300 and ProAir 600LI are the only Irish made HRV products listed on SAP Appendix Q click here for details.

The ProAir whole house ventilation system will provide you with optimal living conditions while saving you money constantly. Heat recovery ventilation technology does this by recovering the heat from the exhaust air from wet areas and transferring this heat to the incoming fresh air destined for the living sections of your house. In times of rising energy costs and concerns re climate change reusing energy as happens in a heat recovery ventilation system is a long term sustainable option. Designing energy demand out of a house is far more cost effective than investing in new energy sources.

Benefits of HRV

Economy – Reduces home heating costs
Health – Clean fresh air benefits everybody
Comfort – Closed windows and draught free ventilation
Energy Efficiency – Recovers heat from the air leaving the building
Condensation Control – Continuous extraction from wet rooms
Security – Constantly locked windows mean security

Additional Services

Bespoke solutions with our Design Services

We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your needs and that of your particular project. Full Auto-CAD layouts available.

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Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson, this shop is designed to supply you with a range of products and accessories to support your MVHR project. Serving both the UK and Ireland, our products are competitively priced and will be delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

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